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Professional Cookware & Crockery

When opening a custom catering business, high quality cooking and serving equipment is absolutely essential. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure it counts! Schonwald & Revol are famous for the quality of their products. Schonwald produces high quality serving ware- dishes, drinking glasses, serving dishes and trays. Revol is renowned for its line of oven to table cookware, and is used world-wide.

Professional cookware must have some very specific features. They are created in such a way as to make solid items that will last a lifetime; durable, easily cleaned but able to meet the rigours of a professional chef; All natural, even heating and non-porous. The cookware does not absorb anything from items cooked in it, and resistant shock from mechanical and heat sources. Revol porcelain meets these expectations beautifully. Made of culinary grade ceramic, it is fired at a temperature of 2408 degrees Fahrenheit. No cadmium or lead is found in these items. The very smooth enamel finish allows for fast easy cleaning. Dishes are resistant to chipping and breakage from heat or being dropped.

Catering equipment that works hard and is pleasing to look at will help your business to grow. Schonwald produces a variety of equipment that is all high quality yet aesthetically pleasing. A formal dinner will sparkle with the variety of porcelain and glass on the table, complemented by serving trays that match. Buffets will showcase food presentation, while allowing diners to choose food that is pleasing to look at and tastes wonderful. Cocktail parties and mingling occasions will please crowds with the black or white individual dishes, delivered by staff on highly polished wood trays. Drinking glasses to serve wine, cocktails, mixed beverages or water serve their purpose in subtly designed forms. These glassware forms work everywhere, including bars. Many of these pieces can also be used as bar equipment.

Bar equipment designed to mix and pour speciality drinks will make the task easier to perform. Pitchers with pouring spouts higher than the handle minimise spillage. Wine glasses that allow the bouquet to form promote pleasure, while broad rimmed glasses serve mixed drinks with panache. Let us not forget the humble shot glass, in which form follows function. The quality of these products will repay you many times over in ease of cleaning, minimal breakage and professional presentation.

In summary, it is sound business practise to purchase the highest quality items you can find. The presentation, durability, variety of usages, and abilities will serve you well. Creating satisfied customers who return to you again and refer to you will be easier with these items.


Getting An International Flavor With French Cooking Recipes!

If you are one of those people with a taste for the elegant and refined manner of French culture, your love for French cuisine is but natural; even those with a love for cooking and experimenting with light, delicious and healthy meals cannot help but be impressed with the wide array of distinct French recipes and cooking methods that grant this nation of wine and merry-making their reputation for nutritious, great home-cooked meals.

Some of the best resources for easy and best French cooking recipes can be initiated from searching them in cookbooks, magazines and on the internet, which is home to hundreds of websites dedicated to cooking craft. Besides this, there is added scope for collecting the best French cooking recipes that are in circulation in friend's groups and people who have been using these throughout their lives to last your entire lifetime, if not beyond - should you need more! Plentiful options for healthy, balanced and tasty meals are what French cooking recipes aim to create for their chefs.

Those already in this field of gourmet cooking, like a French chef or even a newbie wanting to learn more about the styles and flavors besides secrets of French cooking schools, can hope to gain a lot of information from the traditional and the newer twists given to established French cooking recipes to increase the quality of life!

A great way to surprise loved ones is by whipping up a meal to delight the senses and French cooking recipes show just the way to do so, in style: because when well-made, they guarantee people coming back for second and third helpings, the best compliment to a cook. Perhaps, you could even teach them variations on cooking styles to make the enjoyment last longer?

Also a great gifting idea, French cooking recipes or a collection contained in a cookbook is just the perfect thought to boost spirits and health for those that love to try out new, healthy hobbies. In fact, complete novices can also try their hand at easy French cooking recipes to come up with great results since following instructions, buying fresh foodstuff and cooking light are some basics anyone can master with time - perhaps even leading up to a career in gourmet cuisine, French style - who know? One small gesture like this could be the start of bigger things, so think about it & do!

However, if you are that novice in turn, then perhaps you could consider opting for taking lessons for French cooking recipes so you can watch demos live, or on TV shows and imbibe these in your cooking style to come up with interesting French twists to your regular cooking tale. Flicking channels comes in as a handy option when looking for specialty cooking shows and techniques, so do not stop searching till you find the right show or internet recipe guidelines for your choicest French food items.

Those that particularly like trying out new and varied fun-stuff will definitely enjoy doing this one activity with friends and family to give company and share the best of finger-licking French cooking recipes!


Kitchen Tricks That Will Come in Handy During the Fall Season

Savvy cooks will love these tricks for rescuing leftover pumpkins, storing fall cheese, using skewers and lots more!

Pumpkin Treats:

What's sadder than a leftover Halloween jack-o-lantern made from a pumpkin? Don't throw Jack out, though. Cut the gourds in half vertically down the middle. Make sure each half can fit, cut side down, on a baking sheet sprinkled with water. Then bake at 350 degrees F for 30 to 60 minutes. You'll know they're done when the skin darkens and the pumpkin starts to fall in on itself. A fork or knife will penetrate easily when it's done. Remove from the oven and let cool at least 20 minutes, then scoop out the flesh and puree in a food processor (throw away the skin). Now you have pumpkin puree for pie, soup and many other holiday dishes.

Skewer Tricks:

Some cooks prefer wood skewers, while others insist on metal versions. If you are using wooden skewers, to keep them from burning, soak them in water for half an hour first. This also helps preserve moisture in the food. Also be sure to align food pieces right next to each other on wooden skewers for proper heating. With metal skewers, choose twisted or squared versions so food won't fall off. Since metal holds heat better, a little space between food items on metal skewers is okay. If making foods with different cooking times, cook them on separate skewers and then combine them on the serving plate.

Cheese Please:

The best cheese is aged in cooled rooms, so it makes perfect sense to store tightly wrapped cheese in the refrigerator. Try to keep air away from the cheese, since air promotes mold growth on cheese. If some mold grows on the outside of the cheese, just cut it off. However, if it's gotten all the way through the cheese, discard it. Always bring cheese to room temperature before using it in cooking. Cheese that's well aged or ripened also can be frozen, but beware that the longer it's frozen, the more likely it is to dry out and become crumbly. Thaw cheese slowly in the refrigerator for a day or two; don't leave it out on the counter where mold can grow on it.

Honey Help:

Honey is a wonderful substance created by bees that can substitute for sugar in many recipes. It's especially good in many succulent harvest-seasons recipes such as squash, pumpkins and baking. Because it's sweeter than sugar, less honey can be used to achieve the same sweetness as sugar. Start by replacing half the sugar in any recipe with honey and see how it tastes. Keep experimenting with other recipes until you find a balance that pleases your palate.

In addition, remember these adjustments:

* For each cup of honey added to a recipe, reduce liquid by one-quarter cup.
* To encourage proper rising in baked goods, add half a teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of honey.
* Cut back oven temperature by 25 degrees F to prevent excess browning.
* Coat the measuring spoon or cup with a little vegetable oil (corn, canola or safflower, not olive!) or non-stick spray when measuring honey, and the honey won't stick to the utensil.


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